Sunday, 6 June 2010

Vintage Roses Spread

The time seems to have flown by during the last 3 weeks when we received our 9 Vintage Gluebook Classes. And vintage took over my life during that time. Working on the last lesson, looking forward to the next one and with quite a lot of time thrown in browsing Ebay for vintage supplies!

And going a bit mad buying images from our fantastic teacher Mary Green. Today a trip to the library was necessary to download my latest bunch!

And this is the spread I made after our last lesson. The lesson was available on Friday but I was teaching yesterday so could not make it sooner.

My teaching (fabric ATC class) was taking place just north of Newcastle and the drive up and down the A1 was so enjoyable in the wonderful sunshine. At times the sun was sparkling on the sea right alongside of me. Driving the car long distances means thinking time for me and much of that thinking was dedicated to the Vintage Gluebook Class. Despite the endless problems with my dial-up connection (which meant frequent trips to the organic farm as well as to the library to use their broadband) I had such a great time, doing this class and will definitely do more. Mind you, Mary Green is a gifted teacher and the class was made even more fun as so many friends (among them Lenna!) were also there. Lesson 9 was dedicated to using lots of patterns and texture in your spread and as you can see I did manage to fit in quite a few!

And re my online problems, in the newspaper today it mentioned that large businesses such as British Telecom monitor online chat to see what people say about their service (in BT's case this word is a contradiction in terms!). So just in case they end up on my blog may I just say that BT seems to forget that there are still millions of people in the U.K. who can't get broadband at all, let alone a fast broadband connection, so perhaps BT could divert some funds to us as well as to upgrading phone lines in large urban areas. After all we do have to pay just as much as everyone else for our phone line (which we can't even use when we're online on our dial-up)!!

So much for "old grumpie". Vintage is a much lovelier world to live in!

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