Friday, 25 June 2010


And isn't it amazing how things can change in the course of only one day! In all honesty with me my mood can go up and down in the space of an hour, let alone a day! From deep down in the dumbs to high up in the clouds! And at the drop of a hat!
Today we went for a lovely pub lunch with our neighbours and on coming home my quilt Flower Petals was returned by courier.It had been at the National Quilt Championships which were held last weekend at Sandown, U.K., quite a long way down south from Scotland. I don't often manage to get there myself and as we had the lovely garden party by the Thistle Quilters I missed the show this year.

Therefore the surprise to find a rozette enclosed with my quilt was even more special. Apparently Flower Petals had won the 1st Prize in the Theme section of the show (the theme being A Taste of the Tropics) as well as a Judge's Choice. What joy!! I was still blocking this quilt a day before I had to ship it to the show and I'm sure that must have helped. It will be one of the quilts in my exhibition next year but here is a taster of both the whole quilt as well as a detail. It has a wealth of beading on it, as well as Swarovski crystals. It's not for nothing that I'm sometimes referred to as the queen of embellishment! Give me a surface and I will decorate it.


peggy gatto said...

Takes my breathe away.....glorious flowers,colors, texture, like a kaliediscope !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am floating on air with you, it's fun to share a friends success!!!!!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

First prize in the Theme section at the National Quilt Championships, wow!!!!!!! congratulations, Frieda!! i sure would be giddy after hearing that marvelous news : )) It is a beautiful quilt and so appropriate for you. Thanks for the close-up look! : ) lenna

Georgina said...

Gorgeous - is it going to the NEC? I would love to see it 'in person'

friedaquilter said...

Not this one, Georgina but another quilt of mine will be there in the Contemporary Quilt section!

Debby said...

Congrats Frieda!!! GOsh, this is so gorgeous. I have been a bad blog person, can't keep up, but love everything new on here since my last visit.


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