Friday, 25 June 2010

The flags are out!

You might think this is because of the celebrations just mentioned in my previous blog post but John had hung these Tibetan prayer flags up when I was away teaching on Wednesday so they greeted me on arrival home. He hung them so that I can keep looking at them from my studio.

When I went to the Tibetan Centre at the end of May I bought these together with the flags now hanging at the top of the potting shed with the thought that I wanted to distress them. In various circles there has been a Hang Outside and Distress Things project (known as the Erosion Bundle Project) in which bundles of paper and/or fabric are tightly bound together and hung outside for a season or two in wind, rain and sunshine to make it all look old and vintage.

So when at the Tibetan Centre I bought a long line of prayer flags with unfinished edges to do this with but then decided that we might as well enjoy them while they were being distressed. I had not gotten around to doing anything with them however and John decided to put them up as a surprise. They look great hanging in the trees and it will be ever so interesting to see what they will look like a year from now! By that time I hope to have thought up a art piece to use them in.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

They look so lovely!! What a sweetheart your husband is. I am sure by the time they have distressed, you will have thought of a use for them!
Love seeing Troi in the pics : ))

Georgina said...

What a thoughtful man! I have long been pondering on making some prayer flags and we are hosting a party for my SIL's 50th at the end of the month for which DH has requested bunting. I am now wondering whether to combine the ideas - perhaps guests could add their own prayer? Hmmmm. thanks for the inspiration.


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