Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The first rose and other miracles of nature

The weather is about to turn and rain and wind are on their way according to the latest weather forecast. In itself not a bad thing as Scotland is suffering from drought! For a country associated with rain this is a rare occasion but our Spring has been one of the driest on record and just today the newspaper showed us pictures of very low reservoirs and lochs. Even the stony and rocky shores of Loch Lomond are on view. So rain is desperately needed to avoid water restrictions.

But before the rain hits us here are some more pictures of the wonders around our house. At the top is our courtyard where almost everything is now in bloom. The first rose is also out and I'm sorry but I have no idea what this one is called. It's one that we bought at one of our garden visits and the foliage is a strange bronzy shade which in the autumn turns into orange and red. The flowers themselves are very dainty indeed, and so beautiful.

Another of my favourite flowers, the foxgloves are also out in force. And much loved by the bees! Bees have suffered from some form of disease in recent years and many have died. I read somewhere that if all bees die men will probably only survive for another 4 years after that so it's very pleasing to see that they are back in large numbers here in Macbiehill.


Doreen said...

Your rose could be Rosa rubrifolia also known as Rosa glauca but don't quote me! The courtyard garden looks stunning.


friedaquilter said...

Oh, you're great, Doreen. Thanks for that. I checked it out in Graham Thomas's Rose Book and the picture proved that was the rose in question. So good to know!


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