Thursday, 1 July 2010

Book of the Heavens Spread

I spend most of today writing the instructions on how to make one of my quilts. Sorry to tease you but all must remain under wraps for the moment apart from the fact that it really was very tedious. I greatly prefer making quilts to writing the instructions to do so!!

So when all was done, I grabbed my Moleskine Journal to produce another vintage spread. I have absolutely no idea where and when I obtained the vintage photograph on the left hand side but it has been in my possession for a very long time now it's high time to use it and the spread was designed around it. The images from the Holy Cards come from a download from our Gluebook teacher Mary Green, and I have printed them onto vintage pages. The red item on the top left comes from the spine of a vintage book that's falling apart. I felt that the names of the places mentioned matched the look of the couple. They definitely have a look of East European emigrants about them, perhaps on arrival at Ellis Island, NY.

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