Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Greyhound and Lady Page

Our last but one lessson already for the Vintage Gluebook Class and it was dedicated to using partial images. You know, those figures you've cut out but that are missing arms, legs or other vital essentials etc. because they are hidden behind other elements of the picture you cut them out off. My lady is a case in question as her arm was hidden behind a pillar. So once she was cut out she looked rather strange. By the way you can still join this class, and work your way through the lessons in order and the associated Flickr group will remain open for quite some time to come!

The challenge was to hide the fact that this lady lacked an essential part of her anatomy, from the viewer and you can judge for yourself above whether or not I succeeded. The lady herself is a copy as I did not want to cut up the Femina vintage French magazine (from the 1890s). The red bird strips are from an end-paper in one of my books and again I copied this, but this time onto an empty page out of the same book, in other words a vintage page. Everything else on this page is the real vintage thing and includes vintage wallpaper, dictionary page, illustration and music. The greyhound is from a vintage cigarette card and was cut out carefully as he was originally on a very in your face green and blue background.

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