Thursday, 3 June 2010

Pull Tab Spread

As the weather was gorgeous and as I'm having some trouble with my right hand I decided to give myself a day off and read books. Another temptation was to produce a spread for the Vintage Gluebook class.

My hand problem stems from the fact that several days ago I tried to catch a cactus plant before it fell (don't try this at home, or anywhere else for that matter!), then this morning I pulled out some weeds and among them was a huge stinging nettle. Despite applying dog leaves asap, and holding my hand under very cold running water, there is still a distinct tingle there which does not combine well with the cactus needles. To prove bad things (as well as good ones) come in threes I received a parcel from Amazon today and I duely did what it told me (bad idea, and not something I do often!) and pulled the tab to open. It never did but the tab burned my hand instead. I stamped on the text (yep, I'm that childish occasionally) and then noticed it looked kind of vintagey and was just the thing I needed for this spread.
The ladies are copies (from a 1908 French Femina magazine) but most everything else on this page is original vintage. It was only afterwards that it came to me that I had introduced a distinctive catty theme!

1 comment:

Georgina said...

Yowch! If things come in threes as my grandmother believed, you are now free of the curse that binds you!
Those glamorous ladies (wish hats were still de rigueur), look somewhat smug - are they the source of the hex?


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