Wednesday, 9 June 2010

I was very happy Spread

Today was mostly spend peacefully quilting away on my newest quilt. And because I had been working with the JQ 2008 one (see previous post), which is very heavy, this one which is a "normal" one seemed very light and easy by comparison. I love days spend simply hand stitching along, listening to talking books and taking the dogs for a walk.

But the Vintage Gluebook also beckoned and I could not resist making another spread in my Moleskine journal even though the classes are now sadly finished.

I used some downloads I had bought from our teacher Mary Green and to make them look more vintage, I printed the images out onto vintage paper with text, removed from a book published in 1867. Bought for £1 and with the spine already in bits I did not feel bad about further vandalizing it and removing all the pages. Those with images will be saved and used in future projects, and the text pages will be overprinted.

The large face on the right comes from Mary's Lovely Ladies download and the map on the opposite side from Mary's French Maps. The French dictionary it came from is Larousse and I myself do have several copies of it, but none of mine have the colour pictures.

Again I'm telling a story here and you can make up your own version but I definitely spend too much time during my ill-spend youth reading over the top romantic novels in my grandmother's house. Both my grandparents (on my mother's side) were avid members of the Temperance Movement and these novels told of the dangers of the demon drink and the consequences thereoff. They were sickeningly sweet, overly dramatic (although they always ended well) and all ills in them could be traced back to drink. It's quite strange to see these novel's storylines reflected in my art some considerable time later!

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

I love seeing the pages you are creating in your gluebook unfold, Frieda. You have a definite style and color that is flowing from one page to the next and I like the stories you are finding! You have almost always done that with your chosen text on ATCs and I just love it. I need to do a page spread for my gluebook -I am missing it!!
p.s. i received your gorgeous color groupies campari & orange ATC yesterday will write more on that soon!!!! xo


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