Sunday, 20 June 2010

Red, White and Blue

After the debacle of the English football match, the Dutch did me the favour of winning their one against Japan. No, I did not see it (I greatly preferred the garden party!) but I'm celebrating it nevertheless by uploading pictures in the colours of the Dutch flag (horizontally from the top red, white and blue). I went for the pastel versions, though!
They are an admittedly more pink than red poppy just about to come out, wonderful white (well whitish!) foxgloves and blue poppies.

I'm particularly pleased about the last ones as they are notoriously difficult to grow but they seemed to have liked the harsh winter and the clump is definitely growing.

1 comment:

theresa martin said...

Congrats on the Tea publication - great work. LOVE the flower photos - those last ones make me swoon!


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