Sunday, 20 June 2010

Pearl Spread

I've decided there is only one way to go to try and keep up on this blog and that's one step at a time! I'll try upload more than one post per night although it will depend on my dial-up if that works! Of course it does not help that I keep making art although today this spread in my Vintage Gluebook was the only thing that came out of my hands. Fortunately I'm ahead of the game because during the England-Slovenia match I spend the entire evening in my studio and managed to free-machine quilt an entire border. By the sounds of it a much more productive way of spending the time than watching that particular game!

Another lovely sunny day today and I had a Larousse encyclopaedia in my hand as well as a gluestick to make this spread. The flowers come from a 1905 postcard but because I did not want the thickness of it in my Vintage Gluebook, I copied it and used the copy. The red roses are another detail from a vintage postcard which I used to make a background (using Paint) and the birds are from an endpaper in one of my books, and are also a copy. The Pearl text is from the same postcard as the flowers and the sentimental poem comes from one of my vintage books.

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

as long as you keep uploading your gluebook spreads, i will be there with open eyes and an open heart! love watching what you are creating Frieda, and it continues to remind me to wind my way back to my journal as soon as I can!!


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