Thursday, 3 June 2010

Summer is here

and the living is easy! A fact I already mentioned in my previous post. The sun was shining, hardly any wind, and I had some lovely books to read. But of course there were still the dogs to be walked and I took the opportunity to take my camera with me and capture the cotton grass. I have no idea what the right name is for this plant but John's mother always referred to it as cotton grass and it has stuck.

From close up you can see where the name comes from as the little tufts really look just like cotton
but from a distance it gives more of a tundra effect. Cotton grass only grows in very damp conditions. There is a peat field very close by so those conditions must have been here for many centuries already and when you walk around during wet or wintry conditions you are likely to loose your footwear as it gets sort of sucked in. I once came home with only one wellie boot and just a sock on my other foot! I wonder what some future achaeology student will make of that lonely wellie?

Here is the final view of the cotton grass field and our house can just be seen (well, its roof!) in the top right hand side.

On the way home I walked under the old railway bridge and then back again to have another good look at the wonderful sky. By using the bridge I could just avoid the sun and get the full impact as you can see at the top of the blog.

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