Friday, 25 June 2010

Volunteers Spread

As per always when I wrestle with officialdom (don't ask, it's too boring for words but the Kafka-esque situation I mentioned some blogs ago has developed into sheer lunacy!) or feel frustrated in any way, I go shopping. And by the way I also go shopping when I'm happy which when taken together means I spend quite a bit of money at all times.

Fortunately I hate clothes and food shopping, and on the whole have quite moderate wishes and instead I find my way to second-hand shops and specially second-hand book shops. So when life feels like it might be getting on top of me I head off in my car (driving also calms me down) and go treasure hunting. Yesterday I managed to buy 7 books and a huge vintage ledger all for under £25. And today I made this spread in my Moleskine journal using bits and pieces from my newly acquired books. Everything in this spread is pure vintage apart from the bit on the bottom-left side of the left hand spread (with the Presented word) which was a gift from our Vintage Gluebook teacher Mary Green. I printed it off onto vintage paper though!
The girl could be me. throwing up my hands in horror!

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

i love that you are using all vintage materials Frieda, and your scavenging for them is good for whatever is ailing you!!!! I also love the visible difference between this gluebook work, your prize winning quilts and the fact that you are loving doing both!!!Your continuation of the gluebook work is really inspiring me. xo lenna


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