Friday, 4 June 2010

White can be very Colourful

The hunt for white started today with a picture of the marguerite flowers (as seen below). These are in a pot and we always buy them every year specially for this pot. Although I'm not quite sure why we bother!

They are quite pricey and instead for only a couple of pounds you can buy a packet of ox-eye daisy seeds which are very easy to grow. And once you have them in your garden, well, I'm afraid you won't ever again be without them. Personally I love their white cheerfullness among all the other plants and even in the lawn, but not everyone is quite as keen.
And of course, for daisies themselves you don't even have to buy the seed. They seem to float in on the wind!

Then there are the tulips, the rowan blossom and the pansies, and look, there is a white greyhound too!
White is for contemplation and peace so no more words. Let's enjoy the white story in images!


Georgina said...

We always buy marguerites for a pot each year too - teo in fact to go either side of some steps - they do last a bit longer than the ox-eye daisies. This year I had to make an emergency trip to the nursery as the DH had lost the last pair of seccateurs - so I punished him by buying pink marguerites - a bit of a sulk as I doubted their 'tastefulness' myself - but in a turquoise pot they are fun - not as chic as white though!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

dear Frieda,
I hope your ATC class went well today! I have been enjoying all your posts, especially your gluebook pages from the class we were in. You have a great eye for putting these pages together. Plus your white flowers (and dog) are simply delightful! I love visiting your blog. xo lenna

Maggi said...

How beautiful! Definitely inspirational! :D

friedaquilter said...

Your comment made me laugh, Georgina, as I too indulged in pink some years ago. But John was most definitely not impressed so we're back to white!


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