Sunday, 6 June 2010

Outer Space ATC

This Friday just gone I received my latest issue of the ATCQuarterly Magazine. Always a pleasure and specially because of their ATC challenge. The editor sets a new theme every time the magazine comes out and in the next issue selected ATCs on that theme are shown and a new challenge set.

You might remember the last theme was Sock Monkey and the ATC I made was published in this issue (no. 19). You can read more about how I made it here and see how it looks in the magazine below!
The new theme is Outer Space and I made life even harder for myself by deciding to use only vintage materials for this in the spirit of the Vintage Gluebook Class. Fortunately I knew I have a vintage (published in 1924) book called: The Book of the Heavens. It's aimed at children (or boys and girls as the author insists on addressing them!) and was part of a series of books called The Romance of Knowledge. It's so stunning to read this book with the benefit of about 85 years of hindsight as the lack of knowledge about the subject in question is staggering and most of this book is not about science but about the myths associated with the heavens. Presumably there was so little actual knowledge available to write about and the stories made good fillers for the book. The illustration I used for the ATC is an original from the book and portrays Cyrano de Bergerac, "who attempted to reach the Moon without external assistance of any kind. He simply went and an old engraving shows him in the act of cheerfully skipping upwards". As you do!

In the background you see the constellations (a vintage image gifted by our teacher Mary to everyone in the Vintage Gluebook Class). I copied it onto vintage paper and everything else on the ATC is original. As soon as I read that our new theme was Outer Space the words "I am so out of it", jumped into my mind (I do occasionally wonder what goes on in there!) and they inspired this ATC. I added the actual text by cutting the individual words from the Heavens book.

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