Friday, 9 July 2010

D is for Door

The Flickr Artchix ATC lottery has a new theme and it is the letter D. I prompty spend most of my dog walks thinking of words starting with D and there are so many! But as we also need to use an Artchix image on our ATC the choice was a bit restricted as there weren't that many images for the D words floating around in my brain. I settled on D is for Door as there are various collage sheets by Artchix Studio featuring doors. I also found a vintage D letter in my collection so added that on top of the door image.

As background I used a piece of gold lame already machine quilted for another project. I then added the lovely blue lady with roses (also Artchix Studio) and the butterfly. The vintage text reads:
And ev'ry door is shut but one,
And that is mercy's door.

1 comment:

Lenna Young Andrews said...

i love the gold lame' especially and your D is for Door idea is grand. Maybe I could squeeze in some time for this project too, I would love to win the ATCs in the pot!!! ; ^ ) lenna


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