Friday, 9 July 2010

Scavenger First Page

After making two spreads in my sketchbook I felt brave enough to make the front page i.e. the first page you see when you open the sketchbook.

I wanted to make my theme (I am a Scavenger) quite clear and also introduce myself to the reader so I scavenged a detail from a photograph taken when I was 17 years old and on a school trip to Trier, Germany. Looking at it I find it very hard to imagine that was really me!
I used a vintage dictionary to find the word and definition of the word Scavenger, copied it three times and added it to my multiple photos. Alphabet stamps were also used to stamp the I am a Scavenger words. The stitching around the page illustrates the fact that I work mainly in fabric.

And now that I am a scavenger it is totally stunning just how often that word keeps popping up (or maybe I now notice it!) in another amazing example of synchronicity. On a TV programme about the Bright Young Things in the Twenties last night there was mention of Scavenging Treasure Hunts through London (sounds like they were a lot of fun!) and then this morning on the radio scavenging urban foxes were discussed.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

definitely - synchronicity! Love this, frieda : )))) lenna

Georgina said...

Well done for making a great start! I love a bit of synchronicity, and I love it when the universe demonstrates its great sense of humour!
I am still waiting for my sketchbook - I have chosen I'm Sorry I forgot you - so I hope to use a lot of old photographs and vintage pics that suit their age.


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