Sunday, 25 July 2010

The Future and The Past Spread

The Sketchbook pages just keep on coming without me really trying. A fact that makes me feel a bit uneasy. Isn't it all meant to be harder?

Scavenging away among my own possession I found a still-life painting (I don't have the vaguest notion what it is meant to portray!) and cutting it to the size of the sketchbook (5 x 8.5") improved it greatly. This formed the left hand page.

For the righthand page I wanted to stay with the same sort of colour scheme and after some more rummaging I found a sample of twin needle machine quilting on a piece of hand-dyed silk. It was the try-out piece for one of my Part 2 City & Guild Embroidery pieces (we're talking around 1994 here) and reminded me of the piece in question that might well face the chop too in the very near future. But this piece was just so right to acoompany the digital collage I also wanted to add to the page. The digital collage techniques are scavenged from a book but I used entirely my own materials to make it. A sunset photograph, a photograph of ferns and a vintage cabinet card. Text was also added which reads: "The Past is a different country". I'm quite pleased with my digital efforts and am now more determined than ever to find some online classes regardless of my pathetic dial-up connection. The library will have to do!

To compliment the text on that page I returned to the left-hand side and found a discarded piece of my painting on which I stamped the text: "The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams".


Maggi said...

I love the contrast of the pages, the cabinet card is such a great touch!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

This is so interesting, Frieda . . . in a good way!! Is the still life painting on the left, yours? I like it and how abstract it is. The digital collage with the city&Guilds fabric work is magnificent! i am loving being able to see you easily pour yourself into a (kind of) different medium for you, perhaps more mixed media than you are accustomed to? Your art is shining through and I love it! xo


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