Monday, 26 July 2010

La Vie en Rose continues

The rose story continues as do the roses themselves. Most of our roses are so-called old roses and flower only once during the summer but they are all so magnificent that I don't mind their once only appearance. I simply try to make the very most of this wonderful time when most of them are at the very height of their performance. Above you can see Albertine.

Gardenia. This is the rose which suffered badly during the winter. We've got 2 of them growing in the garden, one of which is along the pergola. By cutting out all the dead and badly damaged bits we have managed to save both roses but they have only produced a few flowers this year. Hopefully they will be back to full strength next year. They have a lovely scent.

Mme Legras de St Germain, this beauty is one of the Alba roses, described by Peter Beale as: "a beautiful and intrepid group, going far back in time". They also smell gorgeous, really beyond description. If you ever find yourself in the company of an Alba rose, simply stand and sniff!

This red rose is an unknown but not any less beautiful for having no name!

Masquerade, no excuses for showing you this one once again, it is a firm favourite of mine.

Little White Pet, not yet in its full glory but it has started to share its small but perfectly formed blooms with us.

By the way I've added a new item to the right sidebar. My very good and creative friend Lenna inspired me with a similar item featuring pink hearts and her husband Steven. John wanted one like it but sadly, no chance, the dogs are the biggest loves of my life!! (I should say only joking but I'm not!). Thanks so much for pointing me in this direction, Lenna.


Carolyn Parker said...

Beautiful images Frieda-- ui, à une vie des roses!!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

your roses are all so different and beautiful Frieda! I feel like I am on a tour of a lovely Scottish garden, oh mY! well, I truly am - thank you. What a bunch of good gardeners you & john are. Sometime you will have to indulge him with a "fun pix" of his own, but I do adore the one of Rueben and Troi : )))) sweetie-pies!

Ati. said...

Your roses are beautiful Frieda. In the Netherlands we had many roses too. But here it rains so much and the wind blows so often that they will be demolished before they bloom I am afraid.
In the past I have visited many English garden and I always was impressed about all the different roses and their sweet scent.

Maggi said...

These roses are gorgeous! Love that you made a new background with them!


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