Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Je me depeche Spread

Even though I'm busy thinking up spreads for The Sketchbook Project I don't wait to neglect finishing all the Vintage Gluebook pages in my Moleskine journal. Today was a lost cause as far as any quilting was concerned. I had to mail a large quilt, visit the bank and deal with a building society issue. Then there was walking the dogs, finding and hoisting the orange flag and doing some weeding. All not that much work in itself but taken together I never had the peace and quiet to thread a needle.
Instead I took up the scissors and made this spread as well as a spread in my Sketchbook (see next post). The map on the left and the Holy Card on the right are printed out from images given to us by Mary Green, our Vintage Gluebook teacher but everything else is true vintage. The building is the Cafe Baur, a well-known watering hole in pre-war Berlin. It figures in quite a few spy novels and the image of the girl seemed to suit this theme. The French text Je me depeche translates loosely as I'm hurrying.

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

i love your gluebook work!


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