Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Will we win?

The Dutch football team is playing tonight in the semi-final of the World Cup against Uruquay and in honour of them we now have an orange flag flying in the garden. I suddenly remembered that years and years ago I was given this flag by a fellow Dutchie who lives nearby and I'm guessing that was for a previous world cup tournament.
Anyway, after searching the house from top to bottom (actually we only have one floor!) John finally discovered it in one of our kitchen drawers and he was then ordered to raise it outside, much to his utter embarrassment! If they win, it will stay up till the final. Of course I had to take a picture and the text on the flag reads: Hup, Holland, which means something like Come on, Holland. Will this be an orange day? We will know later tonight.

We will be watching accompanied by pizza and I even bought a vuvuzeala (I can't vouch for the spelling!) so John can have the authentic sound effects too. He is NOT pleased and neither are the dogs.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

C'mon Holland! : )
Is a vuvuzeala like a kazoo??? Hope it is a fun night for you! xo lenna

Margaux Lashbrook said...

And, they did it!!

My connection with The Netherlands is not as great as yours, I worked in Rotterdam for 5 years, but like you, I have been cheering them on during the World Cup.

Here's to the Final now.


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