Sunday, 11 July 2010

The New Boy Spread

I've finished another quilt for the exhibition and although it's not a very large one it still took me a long time as there is a lot of beading and embellishment on it.

Finishing a quilt always means a bit of a party and an explosion of work on fun projects to give myself a break. I already have an idea for the next large quilt but for the moment I have an Out of School feeling and will indulge it!

The first thing I did today was make another spread in my Vintage Gluebook and it turned out quite different from what I had planned. Strange how this happens sometimes. You would think that I am in control of my own art but in reality something else takes over once I dive in. Call it inspiration or maybe my subconscience but whatever it is gets the upper hand and when the piece is finished I look at it in amazement and wonder where on earth this came from.

Anyway this is a complicated spread, originally of two innocent schoolboys playing with their box brownie camera but in fact they don't seem to notice the frightening events taking place all around them. The text also plays its role in making things dualistic in meaning but I leave the interpretation up to the viewer!

Everything in this spread is truely vintage and the boys come from the Chatterbox Magazine, edition 1904 and are one of the very rare coloured vintage pictures I have.

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

out of school, yay! summer vacation (for a wee bit!). I can see you are enjoying already, whoo whoo! So nice to read about how things take over once you start, I agree. I usually just have a germ of an idea that takes off on it's own course once i dive in. It is comforting to hear it is like that for you too! xo lenna


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