Sunday, 11 July 2010

Dutch Flag Spread

And when I had finished the page in my Vintage Gluebook I immediately started one in my Sketchbook. At the moment there are lots of Dutch images about in the newspapers due to the fact that the Dutch football team is playing in the final of the World Cup tonight (HUP, Holland!!) so I grabbed them gratefully in my capacity as Scavenger.

There is an old map of The Netherlands in the background which looks quite strange as maps in the old days were not positioned with North at the top. I tilted the page to make it more easy to recognize the country of my birth and added a scavenged photograph of myself taken in 1979.

On the facing page there are two of my own drawing scavenged from an old sketchbook I made during my City & Guilds Embroidery days in the early nineties. I made lots of drawings of old bits of blue and white china I found (scavenged in fact!) on the beach in Largs where we used to live at the time. Again I added a picture of myself, or rather two identical ones and hid one behind a photograph I took last year of delphiniums. This was turned into a transparency for some long forgotten project but was never actually used for that purpose which is why I could scavenge it.

I must say it's great to be able to do so much scavenging in my own possessions and I keep discovering lots of hidden treasure in my studio. Fun to see all that old stuff again after so long.

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

This spread is so pleasing to me, Frieda!!! First, I love the strength of the old map design-wise and that it is a map of the country of your birth. Then, I have never seen any of your drawings before and it is such a treat! They are just right for this. Lastly, I love your scavenged photos. I laughed to myself when you wrote one of you was "taken in 1979" because that was the year of the photo of myself that I added in my gluebook, just the other day!
: )))) lenna


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