Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Postage Stamp Spread

The lovely sunshine today was the inspiration for this spread, combined with my love for Jan van Huysum flower paintings and postage stamps. The background of the pages in my Sketchbook was painted with gesso and then fluid acrylic paints.
It always surprises me how my love of grids comes to the fore at times. I'm not sure if my love of quilting comes from my liking for grids or whether it was the other way around but it remains an enduring preference for me.
The Sketchbook Project offers a theme around grids but I felt that the I'm a Scavenger theme would give me more freedom and somehow the grids have sneeked in anyway.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

wonderful to see your sketchbook unfolding with such variety. It is a joy to see!

Georgina said...

Great grids - I am fascinated by rhythms in pattern and the basic simplicity of the grid is awe-inspiring in its variations and possibilities!!
Sorry to be slow in response to your sketchbook commment! Just got back from visiting my Mother - my username is georginazofia - my sketchbook has yet to arrive, although I hear it has been despatched! I have heard from others that the pages are a little thin, so I may be joining you in the use of Gesso!


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