Thursday, 15 July 2010

Artchix Butterfly ATC Swap

All the rain we did not have in the spring seems to be coming down from the skies by the bucket load during yesterday and today. Definitely not a day to be in the garden but instead to ensconce myself cosily in my studio and work away on some fun projects. I started making a fabric-paper collage for the Artchix Studio Butterfly ATC swap yesterday, stamping the background calico (muslin in US speak) with a variety of butterfly stamps and adding paper napkins also with butterflies.

The requirement for this swap was to use images for the Hot or Cold Butterfly sheet from Artchix Studio. I downloaded both at home (both took over an hour to download, yak!!!) but at least it was done and I could get started on the cards today. I used only the butterflies from the Cold sheet in the end. I added female portraits as well as transparencies, all from Artchix Studio collage sheets and finished off with more butterflies from the Cold Butterflies sheet as well as vintage quotations.

I love the depth and texture that can be obtained by using transparencies in my work and adding imagery both underneath and on top of them. The cards ended up looking quite mysterious, just what I was looking for.
The cards were finished off with green zig-zag stitching.

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

i love your use of transparencies too. So interesting and mysterious! I think these ATCs are beautiful and a wonderful use of your studio time!
xo lenna


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