Sunday, 4 July 2010

The rest of the Sweet Pea spread

The rest of the spread to accompany the Sweet Pea Page I showed you yesterday was completed today, mainly because I had to wait for the page to dry after painting it purple using watercolour paint.

My Sketchbook will probably be an mixture of glueing, vintage, collage, modern ephemera, ribbon, lace, fabric, and as you can see here stitching, and yes some painting too. Although I have to say I'm not that keen on the distortion of the painted page. That together with the sewing I did to hold the picture down meant I had to glue the previous page onto the back of this one to flatten it. The page is shown above and the spread underneath. I will try and make the facing pages (spread) look good together similar to what I do in my Vintage Gluebook.

The only rules for this Sketchbook Project are that we have to stay within the size of the sketchbook (5.5 x 8.5") and not cover up our barcode on the back so I'm assuming glueing pages together is okay! It was strange to throw more modern stuff onto the page after all the Vintage Gluebook spreads but it's quite amazing how much I have already scavenged to use. Normally I throw any unsolicited mail into the paper recycling bin without even looking at it but now I have a good look and tear out what I think I might want to use. I feel that by the time I will have finished this sketchbook I will have accumulated a whole pile of scavenged material! Fortunately this is one stash that I can then dumb into the bin! I don't think there is anymore space in this house for more stuff.


Helen Cowans said...

Beautiful. I'm still thinking about mine - and have to get my FoQ work done - manic sewing for three weeks :) back in the studio today! Hurray! Are you entering FoQ this year?

Lenna Young Andrews said...

This page is a wonderful compliment to the earlier one, Frieda. You know, I don't know if I have ever seen you work with paint and more modern scavenged materials on a page! I like it! It must be refreshingly dofferent for you??? So cool! I love your theme. xo lenna


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