Saturday, 3 July 2010

I'm a Scavenger

No, this is not some admission along the lines of Alcoholics Anonymous but merely the theme for my Sketchbook. If you haven't heard of The Sketchbook Project you can read all about it by clicking on the button below, and there is also still time to sign up and participate yourself. My sketchbook arrived yesterday and even before it did so, I spend quite some time thinking about what to do with it once it was in my hands.

The Sketchbook Project: 2011

I choose the I'm a Scavenger theme because I felt I could give it a very wide interpretation. Contrary to what you might think I won't be scavenging in our lane for items to put to use. This would not bear much fruit in any case as thankfully we are surprisingly free of litter and if there is litter people actually pick it up and put it in their bins, and that includes me. In all the art I make I strive for beauty and although some litter might slip into the sketchbook on the main I will be scavenging unsolicited mail, magazines, my old vintage books, postage stamps, nature, my own art and photographs. So a very wide interpretation and if it still gets in my way I will simply interpret it even wider. The one thing you won't see a lot of is sketching! I'm more aiming for mixed-media and collage. And even some fabric and stitching, how revolutionary is that!

As with any sketchbook the first page is a bit frightening to tackle and my solution for this hesitation is to start somewhere in the middle. For this first page I scavenged a photograph I took yesterday of the very first sweet pea harvest. Other additions are vintage papers, flower stamps and a sweet pea postage stamp. The text is cut from a National Geographic magazine. The ribbon is scavenged from my own stash. Now I know why I have all those stashes, to scavenge from them, of course!

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

Frieda, your blog looks beautiful! I love the roses you are featuring and the new background, plus all the other sprucing up. It looks really great!
I am also happy to see you received your sketchbook and started! I will soon follow you. The sweet peas are gorgeous. Still find it amazing that we both signed up for the project without knowing the other one was joining! : ) xo lenna


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