Saturday, 7 August 2010

A Bird in the Hand

Another artist away day today! I have been enjoying some free time recently (maybe more than I should!) and treating myself to various outings. Today it was another trip to the antiques fair held regularly near Edinburgh Airport and once again I can't have done my back a lot of good heaving huge books to the car. Two issues of the Magazine of Art published in the 1890's, an even larger atlas (it looks very much like the family bible from the outside) and assorted other small items. I found a great collection of vintage bird plates . Although the temptation was to scoop them all up, I managed some self-control for once and settled for the 4 I loved the best. As a little gift from me to you I hereby give you permission to use this image in your own art if you like and it would of course be lovely if you could link to this blogpost and let me see how you've used it with a link to your blog.

Artwise, I can report that I have finished one Journal Quilt yesterday but am keeping that one to myself till it goes to the exhibition I made it for so I have not been completely idle! I must get on urgently with 2 more JQs as well as the large quilt that I'm piecing. Nose to the grindstone!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

what a beautiful bird image, thank you Frieda!! I think it is good for your artist soul that you have taken some away days . . . now you can return to preparing for your exhibition with renewed sense of purpose (that sounds goood does't it??!). Love your finds!

Trudi Sissons - Two Dresses Studio said...

Thank you Frieda - I was catching up on your post about snow but nothing on the ground yet, your wooly socks and your heater turned on. You and I sound much the same - only my heater has now been on for four days and I have been clumping about in my Uggs for weeks - just because they're so comfortable!
We have had our first snow and it tonight minus 20! (C)

At any rate, as always, quite a treat to see another one of your quilts ready to be-beaded and the link underneath the photo that then lead me to this one !

I thank you for the lovely image a d I will link back to your blog if it shows up in my work!


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