Thursday, 5 August 2010

Rosa Mundi Spread

I had a lot of fun playing digitally with my rose pictures yesterday (using Adobe Photoshop Elements) and wanted to put them to good use for the Sketchbook Project. I printed off 2 pictures, one the mirror image of the other but simply could not make them work together so instead I used the same picture twice which worked out more satisfying.

The scavenged (from myself!) photos I used did not feature Rosa Mundi but this struck me as a lovely title for the spread so I took some artistic licence with that. The letters are rub-offs. I also scavenged a piece of the watercolour paper I used to print the rose pictures on and stamped it with a lovely saying from one of my rubber stamps. The edges were distressed with an inkpad. I also added the scavenged postage stamps as shown. In fact, postage stamps seem to have become the leitmotiv of my Sketchbook.

I was only after I had glued these stamps on, taking care with their colour and composition, that I noticed they were all Hungarian stamps and I think this adds to the overall harmony. The gold scrap I used on the left hand page was a gift long ago from my friend Lenna!
It's getting ever harder to get a scan of my spreads as my sketchbook is getting fat! I might have to resort to taking photographs of it instead.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

a fat sketchbook is a loved sketchbook - I know you will agree! so fun seeing that gold trim in there
: ^ )) lenna

Debby said...

Hi Frieda, love what you have done here. I love everything I see that I have missed lately. I also agree with Lenna on the fat sketchbook.

Studio Rose said...

Hey Frieda!

I came here from Lenna's because I just had to check out your sketchbook! I just signed up myself and am looking for inspiration. I knew I would find it here!

friedaquilter said...

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments and Studio Rose, let me know your user name for The Sketchbook Project and I'll send you a friend request. I love looking at what everyone is producing!


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