Saturday, 28 August 2010

Dawyck yet again

We took my mother to Dawyck Botanical Garden this afternoon and yet again it remained dry although it wasn't as sunny as on the previous few days. John and I finally decide to rejoin and become members of the Botanical Gardens so that we can go whenever we fancy for a year. We do go almost once a month so it really is worth it as I managed to convince John.

My mother too has been here during earlier visits but as it's a great place for walking, has a wonderful teashop as well as a shop filled to the brim with plant related goodies including beautiful cards, she was happy to come again.
We walked the David Douglas Trail today. He was an intrepid plant hunter and gave his name to amoung other trees, the Douglas Fir. In fact almost 50% of the trees at the Botanical Gardens were brought to the UK by him. He did come to a sticky end at only 34 years of age when he fell into a bull pit that had a wild bullock already in it!
There is a Dawyck House right next to the botanical gardens but this is private and can't be visited. I took this picture of it specially for John as he could not stop admiring the weather vane in the shape of a galleon ship.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

So lovely there are so many places not too far from you to walk and have tea and even go shopping! There are plenty of Douglas Firs in the US; that was a popular tree when I lived in Conn. I think I will have to show that weathervane to Steven too! He is out sailing Starfish right now, more sea trials before I accompany him : )

The Quilted Librarian said...

I love the picture of the weather zane and the roof line. It looks like something out of a Harry Potter film! You and your mother have really covered lots of ground during her visit.
all the best,


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