Friday, 27 August 2010

Visit to Bowhill

Miraculously another sunny day! So my mother and I took to the road again and visited Bowhill today. A beautiful place, part of the Duke of Buccleugh Estates, so still in private ownership. I had visited the place before, about 14 years ago and the facilities have been much improved since then but the magic is still there. There are several walks that can be done and the guide on the entrance gate recommended the Loch walk to us so that's the one we did! It turned out to be an excellent tip and because the summer has been so dry, the walk was easy to do although there was a bit of a climb towards the end.
During part of the walk we could see Bowhill, the actual house, in the distance and the sun made it all look even better.

The estate is specially noteworthy for its great variety of trees, some of which are very old and these beeches above were planted in the 17th Century.
The house itself was next on our agenda and most splendid it all is. I was particularly impressed by the large collection of paintings of Venice and there is also a beautiful collection of miniatures. But on a day like today the walk was the highlight of the day and yet again I could not stop taking photographs. The reflections in the two lochs were my favourites.

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

Beautiful scenery and it sounds like a lovely walk. So glad you have sunshine again. The last photo in fact, reminds me of Connecticut!


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