Friday, 13 August 2010

Erskine House Quilts

As I have mentioned before on this blog, I joined the Thistle Quilters last year as I really missed being part of a quilting group. They meet in Edinburgh once a month on a Saturday morning which was an added incentive for me! So much better in the winter than evening meetings. I did miss some meetings last session as I was teaching myself but am pretty determined to go to every single one in the upcoming session.

Sadly last year we lost one of our members, Ruth Jellinek. She left her entire fabric stash as well as her many quilting books to Thistle Quilters and the decision was made to use some of the fabric to make quilts for Erskine House in Edinburgh as requested by her family. Click on the link and you will read about the marvelous work done by Erskine House. We handed over all the quilts today. Some were lap quilts and other ones wall quilts and some used Ruth's fabric while others were simply donated. I did (briefly!) think about making a new quilt but it was simply not on with my present schedule so instead I donated a wall quilt made some years ago.

It's called Spinning and had always made me think about rotor blades once I'd made it so seemed appropriate for Erskine House.

In the top of the post picture you can see some of the Thistle Quilters, Mr. Jellinek and his daughter, as well as some residents. I have a member of staff to thank for the picture which she kindly took using my camera.

We then had a tour of the house which really is beautiful, filled with light and lots of white walls, just asking to be decorated with quilts. It's good to think the quilts have found such a lovely new home! You can find news about this presentation here and also here (you'll need to scroll down to see it)

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

that is really wonderful, Frieda -thanks for sharing that! love your wall quilt!


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