Saturday, 14 August 2010

Delightful Spread

When I woke up this morning and looked outside it could just as well have been October or November rather than the middle of August. So I went and provided my own sunshine with this spread in my Sketchbook.

I used Lenna's clear tape transfer method on a much larger scale on a page from an old magazine to obtain the face transparency. Rather than paint the pages of the sketchbook themselves I elected to use watercolour paper for sturdiness and these were blitzed with spray paints from Crafty Notions and Moon Shadow Mists in sunny shades. Afterwards I glued them into my sketchbook.

The face was added to the right-hand page and so too the word Delightful (from a daily calendar). On the left the rest of the face was glued on as well as a paper doily that had been included in the spray painting session. The orange transparency is part of a Jaffa Cake wrapping and the words ("Everything I need to know today") again came from the calendar. The final touch was the scavenged postage stamp.

I've had to tear out some pages from the back in order to get the sketchbook to close properly but helpfully the pages in the back of our sketchbook are perforated just for this purpose, and at the moment the sketchbook lays flat beautifully again! It won't last!

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

no, i don't think the flatness will last at the speed you create Frieda, but ripping some pages out will help!! : ) I am going to look at my sketchbook and see about ripping out some pages myself. That would help, as mine is getting quite plump!
I've never tried such a large packing tape transfer before -that looks really good. I love seeing you add to your sketchbook, mmmm!! I do love your quilts and fabric mixed media so much, but seeing you work creatively with other materials is really exciting. xo


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