Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Gauche Alchemy Blog Interview

I'm really very proud and pleased to announce that I have been interviewed on the Gauche Alchemy blog by Maggi. She has done a great job, asking really good questions which made me think and reflect on the way I make art as well as why I do so. Thanks a million, Maggi!

And to celebrate and in keeping with the interview a picture of one of my mixed-media collages or you could call them mixed-media quilties (as there are 3 layers, one of which is wadding (batting) called Life is a Journey.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

I just read the interview Frieda and it's fantastic! You are right, Maggi asked really good questions. It was a great read! The quiltie you show here to accompany it is amazing. congratulations!!

Maggi said...

Eek, love this quiltie! The color really pop on this one! Thanks again for the interview, such fun for me! :D


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