Monday, 9 August 2010

Letters from Herr Spread

Before starting my next online class with Mary Green (called Collage Coterie and you can sign up here!) I wanted to do another spread in my Vintage Gluebook using some of the items acquired at the Antiques Fair. I positioned one of the birds I uploaded a few posts ago on the right-hand page, and used as background a green end-paper found in one of my vintage book, accompanied by a piece of vintage wallpaper and a detail of a vintage map I also picked up (for only £1!). It's a map of Brigthton and environments and I have used the picture on the front of the map on the left-hand side, both as copies, rather than the original. I added more of the same wallpaper as well as German vintage text and some of my vintage stamps. Would you believe I bought another almost full stamp album? If you read this blog regularly this will no doubt not surprise you too much!! I definitely feel that I'm going to dedicate a sketchbook to stamps before too long.
The final touch was the text: Letter from Herr to pull it all together.

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Jo said...

This is wonderful - it's so interesting with such lovely ephemera to look at. I love that it tells a story (of whatever the viewer wants it to be). I'm looking forward to Mary's new class too - see you there!


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