Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Pretty in Pink

Inside the house I'm enjoying the pink symphony provided by Lenna's beautiful bouquet. The lilies are fully out now and are spreading their wonderful perfume throughout the room and brightening the already sunny day further with their stunning looks. But pink also rules outside!Normally I walk around the garden at least once every day which means that any changes are noticed immediately and recorded mentally but during the last few days I've taken my eye of the ball in a manner of speaking and have not been quite as observant.

But while I wasn't looking the plants carried on growing and today when I started my morning round the colour of the day turned out to be pink! Pink gladioli had appeared as seen above,

the Zephirine Drouhin rose is on her second flowering,

as is Queen Elizabeth,

and a stunning dahlia has also started to display her full glory!

What a pretty, pink day this has turned out to be!

1 comment:

Lenna Young Andrews said...

so beautiful, Frieda! I especially like the Zephirine Drouhin rose, but they all look really lovely. thank you for the tour of your garden! xo


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