Sunday, 19 September 2010

Autumn Colour

It's definitely autumnal around here in the Scottish Borders and there are other signs too that a different season is approaching rapidly. I went to the first meeting of the Thistle Quilters after the holiday season and on Tuesday the Embroiderers' Guild Peebles branch starts up again too. My Pentland Concerts will begin again in October but I have received my membership card this week.

But colour is the biggest difference in the garden, both our own one (more about that tomorrow) but also in the Dawyck Botanical Gardens where we went for our weekly hike again today. The bright colours of summer are slowly turning into those of autumn.
The colour comes in all shapes and sizes. There are the red berried on the rowan trees (as seen above),

the Colchicum Giganteum

and the gorgeous trunks of the birches.

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

beautiful, Frieda. Truly just what I needed before the big day! how lovely to see a Fall blooming crocus. The weather has changed here too, it's cooler: 21 celcius in the morning and evening! ; )) xo


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