Monday, 13 September 2010

Skinny Pages for Rande

Time was still very much on my mind today and it shows in the pages I made for Rande. Every month we exchange so called skinny pages (sized 4 x 8") with another artist on a Yahoo group. We get to set our own theme for the pages and Rande had chosed Grunge and Rusty.

Although the background on the pages might look a bit rusty, the papers were in reality made by painting the paper black and then using bleach to take some of the colour out again. The results are unpredictable but look like rust!

On the first page I added a photograph of the outside of a lighted window in Rosslyn Chapel (now of Dan Brown fame), a music fabric coloured with coffee, a fabric image of a gypsy lady stringing her guitar, a transparent heart and the text: "Mistakes are portals of discovery"

For the other side of the page I used a scanned in fabric image of a vintage postcard, 2 photographs of the stonework inside Rosslyn Chapel, the same transparent stamped heart and a vintage lady from one of my own vintage postcards. Almost everything has been sewn on and the edges of the pages were darkened with a Distress Inkpad. The inside photographs of Rosslyn Chapel were taken at a time when you were allowed to take pictures there. Since about 2 years or so it's no longer an option as indoor photography there has been banned. Fortunately this was announced in our local paper so John and I went just before this came into force and I shot an entire card full.
I will go back before too long to also take photographs of the outside of the Chapel again because for the first time in about 13 years there will be no scaffolding. It came down about a fortnight ago after work to maintain this beautiful and amazing place for posterity was done. This is definitely a place that has been damaged by time but at the same time (pun definitely intended!) gives you a glimpse of eternity.


Anonymous said...

Frieda I love your interpretation of this theme and how you created it. The personal images and story make it even more special. I do hope you get your pics of the chapel, I too love those old magnificent buildings. :)Linda

Lenna Young Andrews said...

mm mm, Frieda! I just love how you have patched this together with all the rusty looking bits. I think Rande will love it. The quote is spectacular too, what a lot of beauty in this skinny page!
You really have so many castles and chapels providing so much architectural amazement and inspiration . . . I plan to see some of these beauties in person one day!!
So glad your migraine has abated. My mom gets these too, unfortunately. xo lenna

R2artstudio said...

Frieda, I absolutely adore these pages! And how wonderful you got those photos before they stop letting people take them. Looking forward to getting these and seeing all the little details in person. Thank you so much.


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