Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The essence of time

How to grab time in a picture? My mother-in-law's cuckoo clock seems to fit the bill perfectly.
And once again I'm contemplating time and the speed with which it moves. Today is Troi's 8th birthday. She was one of 9 pups, the last one born and the smallest but she has made up for this by being the most stubborn one. What she doesn''t want to do, she doesn't, and nothing will change her mind. Nevertheless, we all love her! How can you refuse a dog, that looks this adorable?


peggy gatto said...

Simon says
ruff, ruff Troi!!!
The wood patina on the cuckoo clock and the carving is lovely.
I happen to love cuckoo clocks, they don' drive me cuckoo!!!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Troi reminds me of Asia with that look! (Asia is 8 years old now too)
xo lenna


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