Tuesday, 19 October 2010

An 18th anniversary

Eighteen years ago today Brush came to live with us, together with his brother Sweep. He was born earlier, in fact we all share a birthday back in August but this is his anniversary. The two brothers were kittens born to a cat in the care of the Cat Protection League and when I was alerted to them via a neighbour in our previous house, we went and looked at the kittens and because I always wanted to have a black cat, we selected Sweep as ours. But of course we had to wait till all the kittens were properly weaned and when I checked back around this time 18 years ago I discovered that the striped kitten was still available too.

I had to talk John around (in his defense we already had 2 cats as well as 2 dogs at the time) but eventually he caved in ( I knew he would!) and we collected the two kittens. Sweep, the black one, already had his name but Brush was originally called Ringo and really I could not see that tiny kitten as a Ringo. So as he has stripes and as his brother was Sweep, he became Brush!

Sadly Sweep is no longer with us. He died more than a year ago and I was quite worried that Brush would pine for him as they had always be together. But he seemed to cope quite well by himself and in order to keep him warm and cosy (they always used to sleep curled up together)an additional basket and many furry rugs were bought. He sleeps most of the day and all night but when awake demands tasty food. If he doesn't like what I happen to open he simply sits by his bowl until his obedient servant offers something else more to his taste! His sight is deteriorating but he knows his way about very well and it doesn't seem to bother him. Hopefully he will be with us for some more years to come as I can't imagine life without his lovely presence!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

what gorgeous colors Brush has; such beautiful stripes! he looks very cozy there in his chair, almost like a sleeping king. : ^ ) lenna

ShabbyChicShaz said...

Brush looks really cosy with his furry covers. Happy 18th anniversary and hopefully many more :)


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