Friday, 22 October 2010

A bit of Victoriana

A day of unrelenting rain here at Macbiehill but the dogs still have to have their exercise and so do we. Having said that, Troi, the greyhound is very much opposed to going out in the wet and she makes her objections clear by whining and barking all the way in total disgust at the conditions.

So we don't walk the same distance as we might do when the sun shines, but we did make it as far as where the lane goes over what I think must have been part of the original water supply for West Linton village. Looking at it, you get the impression that it must date from Victorian times as there is great cast iron work as well as beautiful brick. Once back home I tried to find old maps but although we have many of those covering our house and the old mine workings all around here (coal and lime) they stop just short of where this ancient water supply is so I have no idea when it came into existence. More research is needed and I'll try and find out more when I have some time to spare. For now it's back to those quilt blocks (124 finished, if you're asking!)

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

124 blocks now?!! Wow, you are certainly persevering in your goal frieda, how wonderful!
The water supply you show reminds me of the levadas i saw on the island of madeira in portugal in 2004. They were so beautiful and you could walk along them for miles. i hope the rain lets up, especially for troi's sake!!
xo lenna


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