Saturday, 23 October 2010

Exhibited in The Netherlands

My mother is a volunteer in a small museum in Bennekom, The Netherlands, where she lives. It's called the Kijk en Luister Museum which translates loosely as the Look and Listen Museum. The main focus is on items that make music and at the same time are worth looking at, such as organs, music boxes etc but it also features a vintage haberdashery shop as well as a vintage class room (alarmingly looking very much like the class room I remember attending in my youth! Does that mean I'm vintage too?).

The museum puts on temporary themed exhibitions and at the moment a quilt exhibition (on till December 4th) is the main feature. Mostly the quilts on display have been made by two local ladies but my mother wanted to feature some of mine so the last time she was over (back in August) I let her make her own choice from my quilts, although only from those quilts that had finished doing the rounds of competitions etc. and that were not needed for my upcoming exhibition next year. She also had to take them with her in her luggage so the very large ones were out of the questions.

She eventually settled on the Colour Mix Quilt with details as seen above . and on a much smaller quilt, originally made as a class sample for a class on Ovals, seen underneath (also with a detail). Both have heavy decoration in the shape of beads as well as a lot of hand stitching in common! And that also means both are real stinkers to photograph well! Way too much sparkle.

There will apparently also be a quilt market in Bennekom on the 6th November to coincide with the quilt exhibition, so should you find yourself in the neighbourhood, it's definitely worth a visit. My mother might even be the person selling you your ticket! Do say hello for me!

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

These are all so beautiful Frieda. i can imagine it must have taken your mom a while to "settle" on one or two to bring to the museum, but she did very well. She must be so proud!!
xo lenna


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