Sunday, 31 October 2010

Fall into Beauty

There are days when nature is so beautiful that it makes you want to weep with the sheer pleasure of it.
On a day when the whole world looks like a fairytale and the sun like a spotlight shining down, when the colours seem somehow enhanced, on such a day you can only be grateful that you get to see such beauty in your lifetime, and can save it in your heart for those times when life is less rosy!

Today was such a day in spades! And I have tried to save it not just in my heart but also by using my camera although it never does total justice to what my eyes do see! All these pictures were taken in Dawyck Botanical Gardens where we walked, kicked up leaves (that was me, of course), photographed (also me), had tea and cake (definitely both of us), and then looked up into the sky and saw a shooting star (me, till John informed me it was a plane! but still I made a wish). It was also a day when I felt so emotionally attached and rooted to the country I have chosen to live in. My heart and soul definitely belong to Scotland!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

a beautiful post, Frieda. Love your photos and your words!
xo lenna

Doreen said...

Frieda these photos are stunning!
This is such a lovely season with the trees putting on such a colouful display before the onset of winter. Th sunshine and blue skies are such a bonus!



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