Tuesday, 2 November 2010

My Mail Art arrived with Lenna

Remember my post about the wonderful mail art swap, organized by my very good friend Lenna Andrews? When I wrote about the envelopes and the postcards enclosed therein, I wondered if all the envelopes would make it across to Florida safely and whether or not they would all arrive on separate days.
Well the answers to those questions came today when Lenna announced their safe landing in her mailbox on the Creative Swap site. They were all popped into her very large mailbox on the same day so they travelled in convoy! The pictures on this blogpost have been taken by Lenna and on the one at the top you can also see the stamps I selected to put onto the envelopes. It meant using a bit more postage than strictly required but in return the postage stamps look wonderful!

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

Wonderful, I agree! Those are the most unusual UK stamps I have ever seen, Frieda. I might just have to see if I can peel off the ones you placed on my envelope to use in future collage work : )) You wrote: "they traveled in convoy" - I just love that way of thinking. Yes, my new mailman who has already introduced himself, is getting a real dose of why I had Steven to install such a large mailbox!! Your envelopes are beautiful Frieda, thank you so much for participating : ) xo


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