Monday, 25 October 2010

Life in the Borders

The duffel coat came out of the cupboard as it was freezing cold both yesterday and today. Fortunately the sun was also shining but there is hardly any warmth in it this time of year. However, the sunshine makes everything looks so much more cheerful.

Yesterday we visited what was advertised as an antique fair but in reality turned out to be about 4 stands within the Biggar Puppet Theatre. The most interesting item was the gate (pictured above) through which we came in! But of course we (okay, I mean I!) did not come away totally empty handed as I could not resist buying the book shown underneath, called Peg Woffington, by Charles Reade, published in 1899. There are very attractive and funny illustrations inside (by Hugh Thomson) but the best thing about this book in my opinion is the gorgeous cover with the butterflies!

Our walk today took us along the vision shown at the top. Talk about pigs in manure, these were sheep in a field of kale and they seemed just as happy as those proverbial pigs. Good luck to them, I wouldn't eat kale if you paid me!

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

I love that gate (and the book cover!!!) and even the sheep and the kale, ha! Did you ever try it in a soup, Frieda? I love kale soup . . .
: )) lenna


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