Thursday, 14 October 2010

Mermaid pages for Cat

We're still exchanging skinny pages (sized 4 x 8") on the OhMyGothic Yahoo group and will continue to do so till March next year. Every month one artist makes a page for my album (which is dedicated entirely to all things Venetian) and I make a page for another fellow artist. This month that was Cat and her album is filled with watery images and mermaids.

On the first page (see above) I have incorporated a gothic arch shape into the skinny page in honour of our original swap of gothic arches that inspired the name of the group. It's ages ago since I last made one and the urge to do so struck! I liked the idea of having gothic arches at the bottom of the ocean. The mermaid comes from a commercial fabric and has been embellished with beads. She is partially caught in a net and I've added a shell trim to the bottom (available from Alpha Stamps)

On the second page I've added pieces of a water themed fabric paper collage to a background of fabric featuring fishes. The mermaid image is also fabric and available from Alpha Stamps.

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

As you already know, I SO love this piece!!! It is an awesome take on cat's theme. the shell trim is brilliant!


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