Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Published in Book

In the mail today there was a large box with according to the customs form a book inside. Now, I'm the first one to admit I order a lot of books but I have been trying to cut back and download them on my Kindle instead and I could not remember any recent purchases.

When I opened it up there was The Art Quilt Collection; Designs & Inspiration from around the World, with a foreword by Linda Seward. Still the penny did not drop! Only when I looked inside and found my quilt Snapshots on page 63 did I finally remember submitting it to a publishing company in Israel sometime last year. When I originally received their e-mail I put it down to a spam message but after reading on the Quilt Art online forum that it was most definitely not spam but a reputable company asking for submissions I decided to send them the necessary pictures. Not such straight sailing with my dial-up and as I seem to remember I did go to the library to get it all done.

Now I'm over the moon that I made that decision as the book looks beautiful and has many gorgeous art quilts featured so I'm ever so happy my quilt is among them! Sorry the scan of my page is a bit tilted but this is a large book and barely fitted onto my scanner. For a better look I advise buying the book!


theresa martin said...

Congrats Frieda! It looks gorgeous in the book.

Terri said...

Congratulations Frieda! I am so thrilled for you! Your quilts really are amazing, and I have only seen them online! I can only imagine how gorgeous they are in "person".

Lenna Young Andrews said...

congratulations, Frieda!!!
Another publication, wow! That is so great, big hugs!!!

MosaicMagpie said...

Congratulations! This is a very big deal!


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