Wednesday, 6 October 2010

AMLP: Photomobile

lionA Million Little Pictures: Photomobile

Sometimes I do things on a total impulse. Something attracts my attention, an interesting e-mail lands in my inbox and before I can even think about it or give it some serious consideration or even consider if I have the time, my finger instinctively clicks that left button and the next thing I know I have signed up for another project. Yes, I could have stopped before clicking but all my life I have followed my heart, rather than my head, and so far I have never, ever, regretted those impulse, jump in and get on with it, moves. This one won't be an exception, as already, I feel the excitement building up inside.

Here is the write-up about it:

"Photomobile is a traveling library of photographs built inside an Airstream trailer. The Art House team will take Photomobile on an epic journey during the fall of 2011, bringing A Million Little Pictures to museums, galleries and project spaces across the continent. We'll be documenting the process of designing and building Photomobile over the next several months — stay tuned for updates and let us know your ideas!"

This fun project is another brainwave from the organizers of The Sketchbook Project and already (I only signed up about 2 minutes ago) I can't wait to get started. It will have to wait till my camera arrives. They send this to all participants and you are meant to take 27 pictures on this disposable model on a theme of your choice. My choice was also taken in a heartbeat and it will be: Captured in Time. I saw, I loved and I made that choice in just about a second!

If you read this blog regularly you will know that time fascinates me so what better subject could I possibly have found? Like the idea too? All you have to do is click on the picture above or in the sidebar and away you go!

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

I giggled right out loud when i saw your post title! I guess we should not be surprised Frieda, that on the very same day in the very same time frame, you & I both signed up for this new Art Co-op project without even discussing it with each other! You chose "captured in Time" (which I don't remember seeing listed, but they change the themes often) and I chose "27 ways to say..." ; ^ )) Very cool. I think we will both really enjoy this!!!!


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