Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Collage Basics class lesson 4

The lessons are following each other hard and fast in the Collage Basics class but I'm quite determined to at least try and keep up with them. Lesson 4 was about the Golden Ratio and our teacher, Mary Green, had used a vintage envelope to illustrate her point.

This reminded me of the fact that I bought some vintage envelopes myself way back in the summer when I paid a visit to the (postage) stamp shop in Edinburgh. After some rummaging they turned up and one was put to use in this page. I promptly forgot all about our lesson but challenged myself not to use a human figure in my page. Quite a challenge for me, as I really love my lovely vintage ladies. I did manage it but only if you don't consider sculptures as human!

The background (barely visible) was part of a vintage map of Muenchen (Munich), overlaid by a vintage map of Russia (pre-revolution). The latter came as a free image gift from Mary during a previous class. At the top I added vintage music. The statue (of Prince Eugene, I have to admit complete ignorance of him, I don't even know his nationality!) was added as well as 2 additional postage stamps to compliment the one that was already attached to the envelope. By the time I was finished I had lost sight completely of what the lesson was all about but I enjoyed how all these disparate images have come together.
P.S. I really felt guilty re my ignorance about Prince Eugene so I googled him and I have to beg his pardon, he was in fact a most famous military man in his day and belongs to Savoy. You can read a bit about him here!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

you are so cute! Love reading about your proccess! xo

song2vs4 said...

this is quite lovely


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