Wednesday, 17 November 2010

A mixup of seasons

My Glorious Autumn quilt was produced in the depths of winter, when there were piles of snow on the ground and it looks like the sister quilt, dedicated to Spring, is going the same way. I wonder why I can't be a bit more organized and make quilts in the seasons they belong to?

There is no snow yet (although there was yesterday!) but instead it is a miserable, dark, wet and windy day outside. Not that I felt it in person, I've been marooned inside the cocoon of my studio, where for the first time my heater was switched on, the spotlights were needed and I wore my woolly socks!

The Spring quilt has been tacked (as can be seen above) and machine quilted to the extent that I could take out the tacking safety pins. Now it's time for beading and I have the feeling snow might well be thick on the ground by the time that's done and I'm ready to put the binding on! And hopefully by then, not only will the quilt be finished soon but Spring will also be on the way!


Terri said...

Your Spring Quilt looks absolutely gorgeous! What lovely colors!
Beading is going to be a glorious addition.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

The colors in this quilt are so beautiful, frieda.... and such an immense amount of fabric & stitching. It is hard to believe how quickly you sewed 200 blocks together. Amazing! I have never seen a quilt in that state, either. So interesting. Your wonderful beadwork is going transform this beautiful quilt into something brilliant! I am imaging that this quilt and the sister one will be shown together at your solo exhibition? xo lenna

Maggi said...

How beautiful, I love all of the soft colors!

abby j said...

Frieda, your Spring quilt is so soft and inviting...beautiful, as is all your art. Soooo much work, it's a good thing that you're passionate about it! I've added you to my blog list as I've started a blog (finally) as well. I'm more conscious now of the importance of adding comments...
Hope all is well with your family. Love to you, John and "the kids!"
XOX, Abby


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