Monday, 8 November 2010

The last of the autumn leaves

Almost all the leaves have now disappeared from the trees. The picture above taken in Dawyck Botanical Gardens a week ago was probably the last glimpse of their beauty for this year. Now the weather is stormy, wet, with occasional wet snow for good measure.

Perhaps it's because of that, that I have been feeling unaccountably sad today or maybe it was the talking book I was listening to (Anne Doughty's Stranger in the Place, set on the West Coast of Ireland), or even the fact that I'm very fed up with sewing my quilt blocks (187 done so only 13 left to do, can't be that bad!).
It felt slightly ridiculous to sit stitching away behind my machine with tears streaming down my face for what really was no good reason at all. I simply had the blues! They say tears are good for the soul so hopefully my soul has been duely cleansed and life will look a lot brighter tomorrow!


Sue said...

I know just what you mean when you get one of those days when you cry for no real reason. Mind you it hasn't stopped raining all day here, a really gloomy day and freezing cold. I'm sure it must have been worse for you being further north. We shall all have to get out the sunshiny summer photos and pin them up all round.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

you are almost there with your 200 blocks for your last quilt for your solo exhibition - whoooooooo! I want to hear your happy dance when they are all made! I think putting them together will be easier : ))

friedaquilter said...

Thanks so much for the comments! And you're right, Sue, it's definitely the damp and dark weather bearing down. Sunny pictures have been put up on my cork board! And I'm up to 197 blocks today so life is definitely looking brighter all round!


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